Terra Tech 18′ Wire Wicket (Wicket Only)

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Site regeneration can be a forester’s most difficult challenge. When intense solar exposure is present, artificial shade blocks prove beneficial as “insurance” for seedling survival. The Tree Shade is simple, effective, and inexpensive. It consists of two easy-to-assemble components: (1) a plastic mesh envelope made from a non-toxic photodegradable polyolefin and (2) a wire wicket that fits snugly into the envelope from the lower end.

The top of the envelope is heat-sealed. The wicket provides stability for the shade against heavy snow pressure and wind. Although the mesh openings are barely the size of a pinhole (1mm), they provide an approximate shade factor of 80% while at the same time allowing enough air to pass through the openings to prevent a knock-down in the wind. 200 assembled tree shades weigh only 33 lbs. and fit easily into a Terra Tech Tree bag.

Tree Shade envelopes measure 8″x 12″. The wicket is 12-gauge wire and measures 8″x 18″. The normal lifespan of a black tree shade is approximately five years. The wicket will simply rust and decompose in approximately the same time.


  • Shades weigh 55 pounds per 1000 pieces
  • Wickets weigh 65 pounds per 500 pieces


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Weight 0.13 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 8 × .1 in

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