Max Tapener HT-R2 NEW STYLE

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An amazing device for tying up new leaders, young hazelnut trees to bamboo, tomatoes, cannabis and much more. Actually does in seconds what normally takes minutes! Tree growers tell us that one person tying with the Max Tapener takes the place of four employees which is a huge saving for any business!

With the Max Tapener loaded with Max Tape and staples, one squeeze of the handle stretches the tape between the jaws. It is ready to wrap around the new turned-up leader or plant media and the support stem. A second squeeze automatically staples the tape and cuts it off neatly. A well-secured, new leader has been successfully established. Also used by a nursery, vineyard, and flower growers.


  • 24% Lighter than the previous model
  • Quickly and efficiently ties up plants, trees, or vines
  • Accomplishes 3-4 times the work of hand-tying alone
  • Pays for itself in one day, starts saving money thereafter
  • The strip of stapled tape uses much less than hand-tied knots
  • Squeeze handle once, ready tape for tying the plant to support
  • Squeeze handle a 2nd time, tape stapled/cut into place
  • Includes one set of cutting blades
  • Tape/staples sold separately
  • Total weight: 1.875 pounds
  • Made in Japan


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 2 in

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