Terra Tech Coconut Shell Lacquered

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We have many pallets of Coconut Shells that are pre-lacquered inside and out and ready to ship. This is your chance to get creative and make something amazing! Ready to build the most unique tiki bar in the world? Do you make some sort of food out of coconuts and need unique POP or tasting stations? Looking to make birdhouses for your Etsy or eBay page and need bulk amounts of products to make them? Have a new company selling hand lotion or suntan lotion which needs a dispenser?

These could also be a great item as a give-away for folks who are throwing a tiki party and want people to have something to take home with them. So many uses and ideas, just get creative and let’s talk about what it will take to get them trucked to you where they can be used(we have the warehoused in Eugene, Oregon USA so you can come pick-up a box, armload or a pallet for yourself).


  • Lacquered inside and out
  • Full Coconut Shell
  • A single hole in the top which is roughly 1″
  • Made in the Republic of the Philippines
  • Roughly 770 per pallet
  • Prefer to be Sold by the pallet(which can be negotiated if you only need a few boxes)

Is a Lacquered covered coconut food safe?

If you don’t eat or drink the finish, it’s food safe! … For those pieces that will not be subject to damage from food handling utensils, film finishes, such as polyurethane, lacquer, “varnish,” or even shellac would be acceptable to use, for example, on serving platters or in this case, coconut shells.

Please contact us for bulk pricing as this is something that is already on pallets and ready to ship. info@terratech.net

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Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 48 in

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