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Planting hoes are made up of three basic components but have a long history in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. It takes a blade, a bracket, a handle, and a bolt pack to make a complete tool! Choose between various types of blades and brackets to create a planting tool that is right for your job and relive the days of the old’ “Hoedad Reforestation Cooperative” days.

Thin – Straight – Concave

Terra Tech blades:

Terra Tech has been the industry pioneer in the creation of planting blades. Our blades are designed to ease the demanding job of planting tree seedlings and to help ensure a good quality planting job. Seedlings vary in type and size. Planting sites and soils also vary. Individual planters or planting crews have different preferences for planting tools. Our line of planting blades is unique to Terra Tech and has been developed through consultation with planting professionals and proven over years of practical field usage. If you don’t know which blade is right for you—call and ask!

All of our planting blades are made from high-quality carbon steel which is heat-treated for maximum durability. All blades are sharpened to ease soil penetration and scarification (scalping) of planting spots.

What type of planting hoe (AKA”hoedad”) do you need?

Regardless of what type of seedlings you are planting, you will need to make sure your planting tool will open a hole deep and wide enough for proper root placement,

Best growth and survival will be achieved if the planted seedling’s root system is orientated in a “natural” arrangement with no bunching, twisting or “J roots”. Consequently, you will want to select a planting tool that will open a hole at least as deep as the root systems are long. (See chart for blade dimensions and planting depths.)

For Bare Root Planting:

Choose from one of the following Concave, Straight Concave or Straight Standard. The concave styles are our most popular styles because they penetrate the soil more easily and are better at keeping soil from refilling the planting hole. Some planters prefer the Thin blades for smaller bare rootstock.

For Containerized (Plug) Planting:

Choose from among the various Thin blade sizes, depending on the size of the stock you are planting:

HBD1010 15”x4” 10” Concave

HBD1050 15”x4” 10” Straight

HBD1080 15”x3” 10” Thin (Plug)

HBD1090 16” x 3.5” 11″ Thin(plug)

HBD1020 17”x4” 12″ Concave

HBD1030 17”x4” 12″ Straight-Concave

HBD1060 17”x4” 12″ Straight

HBD1095 17″X4″ 12″ Thin(Plug)

HBD1025 19″X4.5″ 14″ Concave

Terra Tech Hoe Blades:

Choose between our concave, straight-con- cave, standard, or thin blades. Whatever your project may be, we have the blade for you.

Our best seller. Made out of heat-treated 1/4” plate. These blades feature a sharp, beveled edge around the entire blade. In cross-section, these blades are slightly “cupped,” hence the name “Concave.” They also feature a slight curve running the length of the blade. These features maximize soil penetration and help keep excavated soil from refilling the planting hole.

Concave Hoe Blades:

HBD1025 19″ Concave Blade(5.75lbs.)

HBD1020 17″ Concave Blade(4.75lbs.)

HBD1010 15″ Concave Blade(3.75lbs.)

Straight-Concave Hoe Blades:

Like the Concave blade described above except that it lacks the lengthwise curve.

Standard Straight Hoe Blades:

This is the old tree planting standard. The blade is flat with no curves. It features a sharp, beveled front for soil penetration and a sharp back edge for cutting vegetation and preparing planting spots.

HBD1050 15″ Straight Blade(3.75lbs.)

HBD1060 17″ Straight Blade(4.5lbs.)

Thin Hoe Blades:

We originally called this a plug blade since it was intended to be used for planting containerized seedlings. In response to customer requests for a blade for smaller bare-root seedlings, we now make the blade in a variety of sizes.

HBD1080 15″X3 Thin Blade(2.75lbs.)

HBD1090 16″x3.5 Thin Blade(3.25lbs.)

HBD1095 17″X4 Thin Blade(4.25lbs.)

Terra Tech Hoe Handle:

“AA” Tennessee hickory handles. These 36” handles are straight grained and made for tough field conditions. They fit all hoe handle brackets. We press our handles into the brackets at no extra charge!

HBD1140 36″ Hoe Handle(1.5lbs.)

Terra Tech Handle Brackets:

Choose between durable Brass or lightweight Tinselite brackets. Tinselite brackets are not guaranteed against breakage.

100 ̊ Hoe Handle Bracket:

A deep vertical planting hole is critical to proper root placement and a good planting job. An increasing number of planters are finding that using our 100 ̊ brackets makes it easier to achieve that good hole. These brackets help you get a high-quality planting job with less effort.

With the 100 ̊ brackets, the blade bolts up at a 100 ̊ angle in relationship to the handle. The effect is that the planter is able to maintain a more erect posture while swinging the tool and opening a vertical planting hole. While this bracket works well on all terrain and soil types, it is most helpful on flat ground and gentle slopes.

HBD1120 100 ̊ Brass Handle Bracket (1.75 lbs.)

HBD1130 100 ̊ Tinselite Handle Bracket (12 oz.)

HBD1180 Bolt Pack (2oz.)

90 ̊ Hoe Handle Brackets:

These are the old standard. Still preferred by many planters, especially on steeper slopes.

HBD1100 90 ̊ Brass Handle Bracket (1.5 oz.)

HBD1110 90 ̊ Tinselite Handle Bracket (10.oz)

HBD1180 Bolt Pack (2oz.)

How to order:

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History of the Hodads and their preffered tools