Terra Tech 17″ Concave Blade

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One of our best sellers is the 17″ Concave Blade. Made out of heat-treated 1/4″ plate. These blades feature a sharp, beveled edge around the entire blade. In cross-section, these blades are slightly “cupped,” hence the name “Concave.” They also feature a slight curve running the length of the blade. These features maximize soil penetration and help keep excavated soil from refilling the planting hole. Check our planting bags, seedling protection tubes, deer browse repellents and all of our reforestation products.


  • 17″ Concave Blade

Blade Only – a Handle, Handle Bracket and Bolt Pack are also required for a complete Planting Hoe.

Also known as hoe dad, hoedad, hoe dag, hoedag, hodad, ho dad, planting blade, ho dawg

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