PAK Ground Cover Squares – 3’x3′ Square (weed mats)

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Eliminate future weeds without the labor, expense, and the risk of herbicides with PAK Ground Cover rolls and 3′ x 3′ woven tree squares. PAK Ground Cover is a UV-stabilized woven cloth that is extremely strong and far superior to sheet plastic. Mats feature a 12″ x-cut in the center. Rolls of PAK Ground Cover may be used between rows for weed and erosion control or as a bottom mat for gravel or bark. PAK Ground Cover mats stop competing for vegetation from choking out young tree seedlings and other plants. Excellent for use on conifers, nursery stock, roses, and other plants. Unique woven design allows water and fertilizers to penetrate without the fear of bacteria or fungus growing. Long-lasting and strong, it resists tears and punctures.

Perfect for any city planting program, Friends of Trees planting parties and any tree farm or orchard. Get these and let’s get planting!


  • 3’x3′ Square
  • 12″ x-cut in the center

TIP: We highly recommend you scalp, or remove all vegetation prior to applying the tree squares.  The key to efficiently leaching water through the mats to the soil and plant is to have as much direct contact between the soil and the material itself.

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × .1 in

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