Dig Leit1 single-station ambient light (solar) powered controller

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DIG’s LEIT 1™ single-station ambient light (solar) powered controller with a two-wire, DC latching solenoid is available with thee adapters to fit most valves. Powered by a photovoltaic module with a patented microelectronic energy management system, the LEIT 1™ requires no batteries, AC power or direct sunlight to operate, and can be installed above grade in any location where there is ambient light.


    • No direct sunlight required
    • Environmentally friendly with no backup battery or AC power necessary; uses clean, renewable solar power
    • Power is provided by an internal, ultra-high efficiency photovoltaic module and microelectronic energy management system fueled by ambient light
    • Simple, icon-based intuitive programming
    • Simple Smart™ historical ET feature for spray heads and drip irrigation automatically adjusts irrigation schedules monthly
  • Power level meter indicates the approximate charge (energy available)
  • On activation, the controller indicates if irrigation is set to water for the day and if any of the additional programming features are active
  • Daily and monthly programming restriction options to comply with city and municipal watering restrictions
  • Semi-automatic and manual operation with a timed countdown to off
  • Program On/Off button allows the user to turn off the controller and reactivate it as desired
  • Retractable coiled cord for easy programming and review
  • Utilizes RoHS compliant components
  • Reset option allows erasing of all programs to default settings except time, day and date
  • Non-volatile memory holds programs indefinitely without batteries, except date and time
  • Completely waterproof (IP68)
  • Rain sensor connection included
  • Internal bleed via the solenoid for system checkup and testing
  • Captured solenoid plunger and spring for easy maintenance
  • Easily retrofits to most manufacturers’ valves with one of the three included adapters
  • Three-year warranty

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