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Terra Tech has been the industry pioneer in the creation of planting blades and bracket angles. Our blades are designed to ease the demanding job of planting tree seedlings and to help ensure a good quality planting job. Seedlings vary in type and size. Planting sites and soils also vary. Individual planters or planting crews have different preferences for planting tools. Our line of planting blades has been developed through consultation with planting professionals and proven over years of practical field usage be it for the National Forest Service and local tree-farms alike. If you don’t know which blade is right for you—call and ask as we are always happy to help.

All of our planting blades are made from high-quality carbon steel which is heat-treated for maximum durability. All blades are sharpened to ease soil penetration and scarification (scalping) of planting spots.

Our Planting Hoe has also been a very effective tool in fire suppression as well and used in fire prevention all over the country. When fire season comes, don’t get stuck without a few of these in your rig depending on the need of your crew. This is a great trenching tool among so many other great uses.

What type of planting hoe (AKA”hoedad”) do you need?

Regardless of what type of seedlings you are planting, you will need to make sure your planting tool will open a hole deep and wide enough for proper root placement. Best growth and survival will be achieved if the planted seedling’s root system is orientated in a “natural” arrangement with no bunching, twisting or “J roots”. Consequently, you will want to select a planting tool that will open a hole at least as deep as the root systems are long.

The Terra Tech Hodad is manufactured for high production scalping and digging trails. Hands down, the best scalper/planter you can buy!!  An extreme wildland firefighting tool used by hand crews to dig trail which provides an excellent alternative to the hazel hoe.

The Hodad angled bracket was designed by Oregon local Mr. Earp(called the Earp Bracket) and it ensures you can comfortably dig hour after hour, day after day. The 90-degree angle is perfect for any hill work and a 100-Degree angle is perfect for any flat-land work. We sell two options of metal brackets, one with Tinsilite and one with Brass. As you can guess, the brass is heavier but helps you pack a bigger punch in harder soil, the tensilite is lighter and makes it easier to swing if you are in softer soil.


  • The Blade is manufactured from knife grade steel
  • HBD1010 15” X 4” Concave
  • HBD1050 15” X 4” Straight
  • HBD1080 15” X 3” Thin (Plug)
  • HBD1090 16” X 4” Thin (Plug)
  • HBD1020 17” X 4” Concave
  • HBD1030 17” X 4” Straight-Concave
  • HBD1060 17” X 4” Straight
  • HBD1095 17″ X 4″ Thin (Plug)
  • HBD1025 19″ X 4.5″ Concave


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