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The DME is perfect for forest distance measurement work. It offers quick and accurate readings in difficult terrain and areas with thick underbrush. The DME system is useful in sample plot work, for road construction, in building dimension, timber cruising, and stakeouts.

Get the exact distances in English or metric units of up to 30m/98ft or more with an accuracy of +-1%. With the “Reverse Prism” function you can use the DME on point samples, sampling a full spectrum of basal area factors (BAF’s). By selecting one of the built-in BAF’s the DME will measure the tree’s distance from the plot center then calculate the minimum diameter that tree must be to be included in your point sample. This solution eliminates all of the limitations associated with traditional prism cruising, such as obscured views from the plot center. The DME instrument can be set to function as a transponder. This work mode allows two operators to continuously measure the distance in between each other, to ensure for example exact road width.


  • The DME is easy to calibrate battery consumption is low.
  • The DME is a classic distance measurer in the forest
  • Offers reliable results in all types of terrain
  • Works also in the undergrowth and thick shrubs
  • The reference object can be partially or completely covered
  • Works with reliable ultrasound distance measurement
  • Proven accurate & tested technology
  • Durable and rugged with sealed electronics
  • Excellent to measure radius in sample plots
  • Built-in BAF (point sampling/reverse prism) functions
  • Reference users worldwide

This is for the 15-100-1001 (complete 360-degree package w/ DME instrument, transponder, monopod, and adapter)

(15-100-1003 (measuring instrument only is also available))

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