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For tree planting contractors, silviculture professionals, vineyards, and nurseries this SoilMoist Starch-Based 1lbs. box is exactly what you need. Widely used and recommended by foresters and tree planters as a root dipping slurry that offers protection during handling. May also be used with “jelly roll” materials for greater moisture retention. Mixed with water, one pound of Soil Moist Starch will treat up to 20,000 bare root seedlings. Easy to use, safe, and non-toxic.

Soil Moist Starch Polymer is a safe non-toxic starch superabsorbent polymer manufactured from patented technology. It is safe to use in all aspects of the horticultural, forestry and agricultural industry. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, superabsorbent based on corn starch. Safe to use in all aspects of the horticultural, forestry and agricultural market. The starch polymer is effective in the soil for up to one year. If more longevity and absorption consistency is required, we recommend our Soil Moist synthetic crosslinked polymers which will last three to five years in the soil. The starch polymer is an effective water management aid in all aspects of the horticultural and grower market. The polymer will absorb over two hundred times its weight in tap water. When applied at the recommended application rates, the polymer can reduce plant waterings by 50%.

BENEFITS: • Reduces plant waterings by 50% • Reduces transplanting shock • Helps reduce soil compaction • Increases soil aeration • Reduces plant stress due to lack of available water

APPLICATIONS: BARE ROOT/SEEDLINGS Mix one pound of starch to 25 gallons of water. Pour the starch slowly in the water and agitate/mix the water thoroughly. Let the product stand for 10-15 minutes after mixing. Dip the plant/tree immediately before planting. The starch can also be used as a bare root packing medium.

TRANSPLANTING Use 1-1/2 to 2 ounces per one foot of rootball. Mix the polymer around the plant hole. Do not amend the top four inches of backfill. Water liberally after planting. The rate should be slightly increased to three ounces per foot of rootball in sandy soils.

BROAD AREA TREATMENT: FLOWER BEDS Mix a small amount (1/2 tsp.) of the starch directly in the plant hole. Cover plant with backfill and water liberally. Another method is to apply up to two pounds of starch per 100 square feet of ground area. Spread the polymer and work into the soil at a depth of three to four inches. NURSERY/GREENHOUSE As a soil amendment mix two pounds of starch per cubic yard of soil. Make sure product is thoroughly mixed for even disbursement.

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