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SOIL MOISTâ„¢ 2-4mm 1 lb. box is a synthetic acrylic polyacrylamide with a potassium salt base. It is a safe, non-toxic polymer used in all horticultural applications. When used according to the application rates, SOIL MOIST can reduce irrigation frequency by 50% and last 3 – 5 years in the soil.

The particle size of approximately 2-4mm. When transplanting trees and shrubs, use one ounce per foot of root ball diameter.

Also recommended for use in planting beds. Apply at a rate of two pounds per 100 square feet of 6″ deep bed.

APPLICATIONS LANDSCAPE INDUSTRY: Bare Root/Seedlings Mix one pound of SOIL MOIST FINES with 20-40 gallons of water. Pour the Fines in slowly and agitate the water by mixing with a paddle or with the force of the water being added. Let the product stand for at least 15 minutes. The longer the gel is allowed to stand, the tackier it will become and the better it will adhere to the roots. Dip the plant/tree immediately before planting. Adjust the slurry to the thickness that best adheres to the roots. One pound will treat up to 12,000 seedlings. The Hydro can be used as a packing medium for transporting bare rootstock. Dip or spray material on the rootstock. TRANSPLANTING: Mix two ounces of SOIL MOIST granular per one foot of rootball. Mix a majority of the polymer around the planting hole, mix balance with backfill. Do not amend the top two inches with a polymer. Water liberally. The rate should be increased to three ounces per foot of rootball in sandy soils. 1/2 oz. per 4″ rootball 1 oz. per 8″ rootball.

BROAD AREA TREATMENT: Flower Beds, Ornamental Gardens (1000-2000 or 2000-4000 microns) Two methods available: sprinkle a small amount (1/2 tsp.) of SOIL MOIST in the plant hole, plant and cover with soil or apply one pound of SOIL MOIST per 100 square feet of ground area. Spread the polymer and work into the soil at a depth of three to four inches.

TURF/SODDING: (1000-2000 micron size) Use SOIL MOIST at a rate of six pounds per 1000 square feet or 300 pounds per acre if worked into the soil at a five to six inches. Use four to five pounds per 1000 square feet (175 to 225 pounds per acre) if worked into the soil at three to four inches. We recommend five pounds per 1000 square feet at depth of four inches for sandy soils. Broadcast the polymer with a spreader or drop seeder for even disbursement. Work into the soil, spread seed or lay sod, roll and soak thoroughly. If applying grass seed, you may want to use our SOIL MOIST SEED COAT (technical brochure, Form 190).

HYDROSEEDING: (HYDRO) Add three to four pounds of SOIL MOIST HYDRO per 1000 gallons of liquid. Slowly pour product in tank and wait five minutes before adding fertilizer. Depending upon mulch used, the salt content of water and fertilizer, one acre will require nine to fifteen pounds of SOIL MOIST HYDRO. For additional information see technical brochure form 195.


  • Best for Flower Beds
  • Best for Turf/Sodding
  • Best for Hydro Seeding

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