Terra Tech Planting Shovel with Wood Handle

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Our Terra Tech Planting Shovel with Wood-Handled tools are manufactured with the professional contractor in mind.  We have been manufacturing and selling these shovels since the ’90s and since then they have become known nationwide as tough, dependable, and long-lasting tools.  When you’re on the job you can’t be worrying about your equipment breaking or failing. We have worked hard to bring you the best and worked with local growers to ensure you have the perfect tool for the job be it reforestation or planting an orchard.


• Two rivets for strong head to the neck attachment
• Forward turned step
• Lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects
• Northern Ash handles for maximum strength
• 14 gauge tempered steel blades for superior toughness
• Strong fiberglass handle with solid fiberglass reinforcing core
• Closed-back shovels have welded backplates to prevent material build-up

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 74 × 7 × 5 in

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