Fanno Tree Trimming 6′ Fiberglass Mid Section


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Terra Tech is proud to include in this catalog a comprehensive line of pole saws by Fanno. To customize a pole saw setup with Fanno equipment, start with your preferred pole style and then choose a blade to match your work needs. Fanno Pole Saws are the undisputed leaders in orchard work, arborist-specialized pruning, public utility jobs and homeowner pruning needs. To determine your ideal pole saw, first choose a slot mount or socket mount style of pole. Slot mounts (fitting blades A and B) are ideal for those who are already accustomed to that mount, while the socket mount poles (fitting blades C-E) necessitate a choice of a tapered or blank head section and can ultimately accommodate more options, including the tri-edge Fanno blades.

Sectional-style poles are made of high-quality kiln-dried Western Hemlock or of fiberglass and offer maximum versatility since the top section can handle a saw blade mount, pole pruners or other accessories. Mid-sections can be added between top and bottom sections for a customized length with every task. Six-foot lengths allow for easy transportation; the lengths are connected by heavy-wall aluminum couplers. Finally, accessories are available including socket heads for socket-mount blades, slot mounts for slot-mount blades, a lopper head for easy lopping and replacement pole couplers.


  • Mid-Section for a Fanno Tree Trimming Pole
  • 6′ Extension piece
  • Made of Fiberglass

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 73 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

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