Fanno 18″ Pole Saw Blade – A.K.A. Best Blade Ever


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Brand new from Fanno Saw Works is this 18″ Pole Saw Blade – A.K.A. Best Blade Ever! This really is the miracle blade for an arborist, Christmas tree farm, weekend warrior among so many others. What makes this blade truly special, and if you have ever had to cut high branches you will understand, is when you get near the end of the cut and the branch tears a long strip of bark off the tree. It’s not good for the health of the tree and could lead to a dead tree. This blade is perfect because when you get near the end of your cut you just give it a nice tug and it cuts the last bit of branch and bark that comes with it. Cleanest cut you can get from a pole saw.

Ready to upgrade to the best pole saw blade you have ever owned?


  • Steel Blade
  • 18″ Blade with cutting blades on both ends of the saw
  • Made in Japan

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions .2 × 6 × 18 in

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