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Mycorrhizae are naturally occurring fungi that assist plant roots in extracting moisture and nutrients from soil. Mycorrhizal root systems increase the absorbing area of roots 10 to 1000 times. In urban settings and where significant soil disturbance and compaction have occurred these naturally occurring fungi are often damaged or reduced to small populations. Mycorrhizal inoculants stimulate the growth of Mycorrhizae fungi – the result is plants that require less watering and fertilization, grow more vigorously and that is less susceptible to mortality, drought, disease, stunting and transplant shock.


  • DIEHARD Transplant –
  • Plant nursery ornamentals –
  • Reduce watering maintenance
  • 25 lb. box

DIEHARD Transplant is formulated as a transplant preparation to inoculate landscape trees and shrubs with live beneficial mycorrhizal fungi when planting. It contains highly selected endo and ectomycorrhizae fungi that will quickly colonize the roots of new transplants to provide the best possible conditions for the roots to become as effective as possible during the establishment period and beyond. Both endo and ectomycorrhizal inoculants are combined with humic acids, biostimulants, beneficial bacteria, soluble sea kelp, yucca plant extracts, to promote rapid root development. To reduce transplant stress and watering maintenance, and to slow-release, all soluble components of the formulation, Horta-Sorb® water management gel is added to complete the package. The results are better survival and growth rates and less watering for all transplants.

Application: Sprinkle into the planting hole adjacent to the root ball in the upper 8-10 inches of the planting hole. Apply at the rate of 4 ounces per caliper inch.

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