Conway-Cleveland International 1/4 Scale Stick

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Hand-held hardwood tree measuring sticks with easy-to-read, black calibrations protected by a clear varnish finish. These 31-1/2″-long x 1-3/8″x5/16″-thick sticks come in three measuring increments- Doyle, Scribner or International 1/4″ and are capable of performing a variety of measuring tasks. 25″ reach.

  • Tree diameter in 1″ increments up to 40″.
  • Tree height in 16′ log lengths up to 80′.
  • Board foot volumes of standing trees (form class 78) up to 40″ dbh and five 16′ logs.
  • Scales logs in 8′, 12′, 14′, 16′, and 18′ log lengths.

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