Brunton Cadet Pocket Transit, Azimuth

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A lightweight, compact, polypropylene version of the more-expensive Brunton pocket transits. Often used as a training aid, this inexpensive transit can be set to compensate for magnetic declination. Features two graduations: 0 degree to 90 degree Quadrant, and 0 degree to 360 degree Azimuth.

  •  2 degree dial graduations.
  •  Vertical angles: ±90 degree.
  •  Dimension: 3 3/16"x3 1/4"x3/4".

Quality, American-made Brunton pocket transits are acclaimed worldwide as the most accurate and dependable instruments available. Designed for use by geologists, civil and mining engineers, foresters, surveyors, and anyone who needs an accurate, reliable directional instrument.

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