Terra Tech 100% Cotton Face Mask

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We’ve shifted our manufacturing capabilities in response to COVID-19 to produce 100% cotton face masks right here in Eugene, OR USA!!!  Our unique design features a two ply white broad cloth cotton fabric with elastic ear straps on either side.  The rounded cup shape allows for a small air pocket around your nose and mouth making breathing easy and effortless, while eliminating the claustrophobic feeling that many other masks create.  The white fabric can be dyed to any color you choose, or if you keep it white it allows for cleaning with bleach.  The fabric is a preshrunk cotton so you’ll be able to wash and use them time and time again!!

Not only are you supporting local manufacturing but your also helping keep our planet GREEN by eliminating the waste of disposable masks!!!

Support local, buy local…………. STAY SAFE!!

(Large mask pictured)

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