Haglof Electronic Clinometers EC II-D Height & Slope

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The EC II-D offers acute readings of heights and works with both manual input distances and digital distance calculation with trigonometry and a reference height mark.

The Haglöf EC II-D is an easy to use field instrument that offers accurate measuring results on inclination and heights of objects, usually trees. This updated model also calculates the distance to the object with the help of trigonometry and a reference height. Set a mark at 2 meters/6 feet on the tree stem, walk a distance approximately as far as the object’s height, measure the angle to the base and then the angle to the mark. The calculated distance flashes in the instrument display. Proceed to measure the height and the result is presented to you in the display. Precision results without calibration or maintenance. Art no 15-102-1019 EC II-D; specify model on order as m/deg or m/% or ft/deg, ft/%


  • Low battery consumption
    Backlit display for easy reading
    Electronic results for improved accuracy
  • One year full factory warranty
    Quality manufacturing – Made in Sweden

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